Oh, Dear, Another Blog

Welcome.  Thanks for reading.

This blog is not so noteworthy, and probably will stay that way.  It serves two purposes:

  1. I’m an inveterate ranter and letter-to-the-editor writer and blog commenter.  Most of my rants are inflicted on patient friends, aquaintances, family members.  Most of my letters wind up in the trash (the NYT has published a handful, though).  Most of my blog comments contribute to blog noise.  I need another outlet, so friends, family, paper editors, and bloggers don’t have to feign interest.
  2. Occasionally, I’ve written things that people liked, and wanted to read and share.  Those things are scattered in various places.  Now they can all be here. I’ll republish a few them as early posts, just to get some content going.

Otherwise, not much to see here.


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